The world’s first natural
plant-based replacement
for neoprene & geoprene

It’s time to evolve beyond harmful neoprene and geoprene.

You don't have to choose between performance and planet. Yulex products are made from PEFC and/or FSC-certified natural rubber, are deforestation-free, provide optimal performance on land or in the water, and are proven equal or better when compared to neoprene and geoprene in all applications.

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From The Tree

We source natural rubber from certified deforestation-free, equitable ag farms.

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Ethical Manufacturing

Our authorized natural rubber manufacturers are PEFC & FSC-certified and our YULEX foam manufacturers only use PEFC and/or FSC-certified natural rubber.

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Responsible Products

We help brands to create responsible, high performing products with our materials.

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“Patagonia’s new natural-rubber wetsuit is the warmest I've ever worn, and softer and more flexible than ever.”

– Owen Burke, Business Insider
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“We are incredibly proud to be long term partners with Yulex. As founder of a brand that is about driving change where needed, making sure our entire wetsuit line is Yulex something we didn’t think twice about.”

– Tom Kay - Founder, Finisterre
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“We don’t care what brand makes your Yulex® wetsuit — if you’re not wearing neoprene, we’re stoked.”

– Patagonia
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Upgrade from Neoprene to Yulex®

We love helping our partners make the conscious choice. We've developed an approach to help make your transition pain-free.

“Yulex found that if they put latex from the Hevea tree through their process they got an equally high performing product then just neoprene, and the wetsuits release 80% less Co2 into the atmosphere.” — Patagonia
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