A Clean Alternative to Neoprene

Yulex Wetsuits by Finisterre

“Since day one we’ve taken a pioneering approach to making better and more sustainable products: challenging, innovating and seeking alternatives to what has gone before.”

— Tom Kay, Finisterre Founder

Principles Before Profits

After learning of the massive human and environmental cost of neoprene production, Finisterre Founder, Tom Kay, sought out a better option.

Tom Kay, Founder of Finisterre

Protecting Our Playground

As a brand, Finisterre’s purpose is to inspire a love of the sea, with products built to enable that connection. Nowhere is this more true than with wetsuits, but it’s a huge irony…

“Getting into a cold sea, you need a wetsuit. I believe it’s one of the most beautiful things you can do, but the chances are your wetsuit will be made from synthetic neoprene, the production of which is one of the most un-environmentally friendly and toxic processes out there - even being linked to drastically increased risks of cancer for communities living near manufacturing sites.”

— Tom Kay

woman standing on pebble beach looking out at sea wearing YULEX wetsuit by Finisterre

Fully Committed

After testing and launching their first Yulex wetsuit in 2018, Finisterre have now switched their whole production line to Yulex Pure. 

“Since 2021, our entire wetsuit and new swimsuit line has been made with Yulex. It’s natural, renewable, and less polluting and toxic than traditional oil-based neoprene, whilst at the same offering the same high-levels of performance and quality. It’s a big moment for us.”

— Tom Kay

woman standing on pebble beach looking out at sea wearing YULEX wetsuit by Finisterre

Widening The Scope

To make Yulex more accessible for more people, Finisterre launched a rental service in July 2023 - the first in the world for Yulex wetsuits.

“This will allow our customers to try before they buy, show off the strength, performance, and durability of this naturally derived material, and help us shift the industry towards a more environmentally and socially responsible alternative to neoprene."

— Tom Kay

woman surfing large wave wearing YULEX wetsuit by Finisterre

Always Building Better

  • Ethical Fashion Award, Observer Ethical Awards, 2008
  • Real Leaders Impact Wards, 2021
  • First outdoor company in the UK to become a B Corp
  • ISPO Award 2021 - Gold Winner
  • Overall Winner of the 20th Cornwall Sustainability Awards, 2022

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