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Yulex products are compliant with the EU Deforestation-Free Products regulation (EU2023/1115).

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Closed-Cell Foam Sheets

The world’s first natural, plant-based replacement for neoprene & geoprene. Originally created in partnership with Patagonia for their first ever neoprene-free wetsuit, Yulex Foam has been adopted by many surf and watersport brands. It has won multiple surf industry and environmental awards, and received international recognition. Yulex Foam is now the first choice by global brands looking for high performing, responsible replacements for neoprene and geoprene.

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Yulex Yoga Mats & Accessories

No longer do you need to use harmful products in your yoga practice. Yogis around the world have long searched for a sustainable replacement for their non-renewable, ecologically-harmful vinyl yoga mats. Yulex Yoga allows you to flow without harming the planet.

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100% Pure Natural Rubber latex with 99% of impurities removed

Yulex Pure is FSC and PEFC certified. Yulex uses its proprietary water-based purification process to eliminate undesirable impurities, allergens, and proteins from its natural rubber.  This yields Yulex Pure latex, which can be utilized as a substitute for typical centrifuge latex. Yulex Pure latex is used in manufacturing dipped products, including medical and surgical gloves, condoms, work and utility gloves, fabric coatings, and medical devices (heart catheters, urinary catheters, balloons & toys).

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100% Natural Rubber Solid

Yulex PEFC® & FSC® 100% natural rubber solid is an excellent thermoset elastomer for a wide range of applications and manufacturing methods. It can be compression molded, extrusion molded, injection molded, and foamed into a wide variety of components and products for footwear, bags & accessories, action sports, furniture, automotive, aviation, medical devices, apparel, yoga mats and industrial.

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Upgrade from neoprene to Yulex®

We love providing our partners with the opportunity to move towards a more sustainable future. Make the conscious, deforestation-free, choice and start your transition away from neoprene.
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