Yulex Brand Guidelines

Thank you for following our brand guidelines. On this page you will find everything you need to use our marks and logos responsibly.


Download our Brand Book
• Obtain our Trademark Agreement
• Follow the logo usage rules in our Brand Book
• Show our logo on your finished product
• Affix our Hang Tags to your finished product
• Consult with us on how you are going to use our branding
• Get approval on use of our trademark


• Deviate from the brand usage rules in the Brand Book
• Use the secondary logos without approval
• Use colors other than the black and white brand colors
• Create your own versions of the brand assets, or modify the brand assets in any way
• Use our trademark without approval
• Use plastic to affix our Hang Tags, if it can be avoided

Yulex Co-Branding

We ask all of our partner brands to co-brand their products using the YULEX Logo. In our Brand Book available below you will find visual examples of how this can be achieved, while preserving your brand’s place as the primary brand. We’re available to discuss how this co-branding can take place for your product.

Please contact us directly for approval of use of the YULEX marks and logo on your products and/or marketing collateral.

Download Brand Assets

Yulex Brand Book

The Yulex Brand Book contains a detailed description of our brand, logo, iconography, and applications in use. When using the Yulex brand, please follow the instructions provided in this book.

Logos & Iconography

Here you will find our primary logo, and logo variations for different applications, along with iconography. Please use our primary logo unless your requirements demand use of a variation.

Hang Tags / Swing Tags

We request that all partners affix a hang tag / swing tag to their products. We have provided a standard design for the tags. If you need different sizes, please contact us.