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Making better possible

Engineering high-performance plant-based products for a better planet

At Yulex, we have a must-do ethos about solving challenging environmental problems, especially the harmful effects synthetic materials have on people and the planet. We focus on the responsible development of raw materials (plant and biobased) processes to create better and safer products.

1st Producer of Natural Rubber Latex in the USA

With its Guayule natural rubber farm in Arizona, Yulex became the first producer of Natural Rubber Latex in the United States. Today, Guayule natural rubber is being scaled up for global production by the world’s largest tire companies.
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Patagonia steps up

After several years in development, Patagonia launched their first natural rubber wetsuit for surfers with Yulex Guayule natural rubber. To meet Patagonia’s needs and market demand, Yulex switched to producing Yulex Foam from the Hevea rubber tree, another renewable source.
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The First Certified Natural Rubber Supply Chain

Yulex pioneered the introduction of FSC-certified natural rubber into the supply chain for consumer brands, and now we are introducing PEFC-certified supply chains. Still today, certified natural rubber is only about 3% worldwide. Yulex is committed to increasing this number.
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The Rubber Production Experts

Yulex displays expertise in all areas of natural rubber including agriculture, materials science and processing, product prototyping, regulatory issues, sales and developing products and transparent supply chains for our customers.
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Yulex was founded on the principle of producing responsible, sustainable, renewable plant-based products from natural rubber. Our mission is to do our part by providing a renewable, deforestation-free, traceable, replacement for toxic and harmful neoprene, and other oil-based, non-renewable, unsustainable products.


We measure our impact, and respond to the data to make sure all our products perform at a high level, while minimizing environmental impact. We are forward looking and have been compliant with the EU deforestation-free products regulation.

Social Equity

We believe that all people who work in our supply chains should derive a social benefit. Through our Equitable Ag, smallholder profit-sharing program, we share profits with the our natural rubber supply chain including importantly, the smallholders.

Performance without Compromise

You should never need to choose between performance and planet. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the ability to develop high performing products with less to the environment and people.

Leadership Team

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Jeff Martin


Jeff has a long history of founding & leading successful companies in the natural rubber polymer industry. He was named 2014 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist and 2015 Biofuel Digest Top 125 People in the Advanced Bioeconomy. Jeff is an innovator, a culture-driven leader, a key opinion leader, frequent speaker & lecturer.

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Liz Bui

Chief executive Officer

Liz joined Yulex in 2022. Liz is an intellectual property and transactional lawyer and Ph.D. scientist. Before Yulex, Liz spent 20 years in the biotechnology & pharmaceutical industry. Liz is also Adjunct Professor at University of San Diego School of Law.

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Jim Mitchell

Chief Technology Officer

Jim is an award winning engineer, a prolific inventor and material scientist who has developed technologies for nearly two decades in the natural rubber industry. Prior to Yulex, Jim developed products for the automotive industry including Ferrari & Aston Martin and was the head of project engineering with DARPA, Natick Labs, and The World Bank.

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Kyrrha Martin

Director of Sales

A veteran of sustainable fashion and sales, Kyrrha leverages her expertise to transition brands and manufacturers to YULEX plant-based materials and products. She’s a creative thinker and problem solver, and is passionate about helping brands solve their design and sustainability issues.

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