The first ever eco-friendly waist trainer

Sweet Sweat® Eco Waist Trainer by SPorts RESEARCH®

Introducing the Sweet Sweat® Eco Waist Trainer by Sports Research®

Sports Research® , known for its boundary-pushing innovations designed to optimize the health and wellness of users worldwide, has launched its newest creation the Sweet Sweat® Eco Waist Trainer. Developed to provide optimal support and comfort while minimizing environmental impact, the breakthrough Sweet Sweat® Eco Waist Trainer is the first natural rubber waist trainer made with YULEX® technology.

A man and woman wearing the Sweet Sweat® Eco Waist Trainer by Sports Research made with YULEX

Made with YULEX® Foam

The Sweet Sweat Eco Waist Trainer uses YULEX natural rubber foam that is responsibly and sustainably sourced from the bark of the Hevea tree, also known as the rubber tree, providing a deforestation-free, renewable source of natural rubber for up to 23 years. This eco-friendly natural material offers a softer, more flexible inner lining for a comfortable fit throughout every workout without compromising performance.

Sports Research Sweet Swear Eco Waist Trainer and Packaging made with YULEX

Performance and planet

“With the launch of the Sweet Sweat Eco Waist Trainer, we’re harnessing the power of YULEX technology to offer a sustainable solution that empowers individuals to achieve their fitness goals while also contributing to a healthier planet.”

— Jeff Pedersen, CEO at Sports Research

Woman training in Sports Research Sweet Sweat Eco Waist Trainer made with YULEX

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