Zhik launches sailing industry first with new YULEX® Wetsuit range

April 25, 2024



Man wearing Zhik wetsuit

Zhik, the leading innovator in sailing gear, proudly announces the release of its new Yulex® Foam Natural Rubber wetsuit range. Zhik's wetsuits have always been the choice of Olympic and World Champions, and the new line of X wetsuits has been designed in close collaboration with world-renowned athletes from the Olympic classes and Sail GP.

Both the Superwarm X, (for colder conditions), and the Microfleece X range, (for milder conditions), boast the highest quality materials and innovative technology to provide superior thermal insulation, comfort and mobility.

Crucially, the suits are made from sustainable Yulex® Foam Natural Rubber. Not only eco-friendly but warmer, the wetsuits are more robust and provide greater manoeuvrability, adding to performance and comfort on the water.

What is Yulex® Foam Natural Rubber? Yulex® foam is plant-based, and produced with certified natural rubber, (from Hevea rubber trees), sourced from deforestation-free rubber plantations. Proven to be equal or better when compared to neoprene and geoprenein, this natural alternative reduces environmental impact without sacrificing product performance.

Blair Tuke Co-CEO of the recently re-branded Blak Foils New Zealand Sail GP Team said, "Over the last two seasons we've worked with Zhik to envision and bring this product to life. For us, the alignment is natural - it's a wetsuit that's better for the environment and helps us perform on the water".

A major advancement for these wetsuit ranges is the integration of graphene-infused fabrics that can return up to 20% more body heat, keeping the wearer warmer for longer, while increasing the ability to regulate temperatures in low intensity activity and aid the drying process.

The SWX and MFX incorporate several sailing industry firsts with environmentally sustainable features such as Yulex® natural rubber recycled yarns and water-based adhesives, which demonstrate Zhik's ongoing commitment to the environment. In addition the Superwarm X range is completely lined with a new ultra-fast dry fleece, that provides instant warmth and dries rapidly to keep athletes warm session after session. It also features GBS seams and internal taping to ensure a water-tight fit, providing the ultimate protection against very cold water and wind chill.

For the first time ever Zhik are proud to offer women's only styles that are specifically designed to enhance womens experience on the water and fulfil the unique needs of female water sports enthusiasts. The improved fitting and sizing ensure that women can enjoy the same level of comfort and performance as men.

Johnny Rodgers, Marketing/Partnerships and Global Sponsorship Manager said, "Care for the environment is woven into the very fabric of our business, so it is our responsibility to respect and protect it wherever possible. We support and are committed to sustainable initiatives that push water sports to reduce impact on the environment. This is why we have pushed to become the first brand in the sailing industry to utilise Yulex® Natural Rubber in our X wetsuit range."

Drue Kerr, Senior Designer at Zhik, "The new products demonstrate our ongoing commitment to a more sustainable future. Coupled with the rollout of new recycling program, "ReZhikle", we're starting to close the loop on our environmental impact. Our material selection ensures the smallest impact possible at the start of a product lifecycle and the highest quality through the life of garment. We're not only helping to protect the environment but we're providing athetes with gear they can feel good about using."

For more information about the Yulex® wetsuit range and other Zhik products, please visit zhik.com.

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