Women + Waves X H&M Goes Global

November 30, 2020



Women holding a surf board
“I hope the H&M collaboration will inspire women to surf, plus raise awareness of keeping the oceans clean. We really wanted each piece not only to be practical but also reflect the strength and empowerment of women surfing together. I hope the H&M collaboration will inspire women to surf, plus raise awareness of keeping the oceans clean.” — Rachel Murphy, Founder, Women + Waves
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The Collection Is Made Of More Sustainable Materials, How Important Is Sustainability To You?

Sustainability for this collection was really important to us, as it has been to H&M. It has been at the very core of the collection from materials to processes. Whether it’s planting trees for each of our surf trips, to beach cleans and ocean initiatives, it will always be a huge part of Women + Waves ethos. We’re the voices of our oceans and we need to do our best to protect and preserve it. It’s our playground and we must take care of it.

What Was Your Vision For This Collaboration And What Did You Hope To Achieve?

My vision for this collaboration was to be able to offer women, sustainable, affordable, stylish, surf/swimwear for women to feel comfortable in and able to surf in. It’s important to me that the collection made everyone feel secure, resulting in feeling confident yet feminine. We had an incredible response in the Northern Hemisphere and I am confident the Southern Hem will love it too.

With The Collection Launching In Australia On The 30th Of November, How Do You Feel This Will Resonate With Australian Women?

Swim and surfwear is such an important part of your everyday life in Australia. I think with the passion for sustainability over there I hope it will be a popular choice for many surfers and ocean lovers. I can’t wait to see women out there surfing and enjoying it!

How Important Is Female Empowerment To You?

Empowering women and especially younger teenagers is so important to me. Women + Waves is all about creating an inclusive, open and prosperous space for girls and women to feel safe and confident in. In 2018 it was amazing to see the female athletes that compete in The World Surfing League (WSL) standing together for equality in equal pay prize money. Witnessing this movement from the outside was so inspiring to us. To see the top female surfers in the world come together and stand up for what they believe in, making big changes to the future of surfing was amazing! Seeing the female surf community grow drastically over the last 5 years has been incredibly inspiring and empowering.

group of women surfers on a beach
group of women surfers holding boards
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