The Seea: Why We’re Leaving Neoprene Behind

July 23, 2018



Women surfing with a long board

We have joined forces with iconic British brand Hunter to create a new rubber boot, and it just might be the most sustainable ever made.

Rhea Cortado,

“The application of Yulex to wetsuits is an important victory in materials innovation for our surfing culture, posting an option for reducing our dependence on petroleum without sacrificing warmth or performance.”  — Rhea Cortado, The Seea

Free Indeed

As of 2018, all of Seea’s wetsuit range is neoprene free. We’re replacing neoprene with plant-based Yulex technology because we believe in choosing sustainable and ethically sound materials whenever possible. Better yet, Yulex performs excellently in warmth, comfort, stretch, and durability.

As surfers that adore our ocean playground, it’s ironic that our primary tools—wetsuits and surfboards (and plastics) made from petroleum products—are major contributors to emissions that cause climate change. Lucky for us, Patagonia pioneered the transition to plant-based Yulex, and generously made Yulex technology available to other brands (like ours!).


Seea women wetsuit
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