Kiwi Woman Is Making The World’s First Luxury Plant-based Swimsuits

July 3, 2019



Women looking at the ocean

Combining oceanwear and activism, Kiwi entrepreneur Janaya Wilkins is well on her way to producing the world’s first range of luxury, plant-based swimsuits.

Nicole Lawton, Stuff

The sleek black bikinis and one-pieces will look and feel like they are made from wetsuit material, but instead of using neoprene, they’ll be made from a new, environmentally conscious fabric called “Yulex”.

The 49-degree Fahrenheit water felt so balmy in the Patagonia Yulex wetsuit that I left the zipper (front, chest) unzipped while I was in the surf for over two hours

“When looking to buy something, ask the question: ‘where does this come from? And where will it go at the end of my time using it?’ I believe that it’s our responsibility as consumers to ask those questions.”

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