Chronicle 4: You Wanted More Rubber Grades Right?

June 22, 2022


Rubber Chronicles

Lady in rubber facility working with the raw material

3L Rubber is Made from Tree Latex

The last Yulex Rubber Chronicle spoke to cup lump rubber made from tee latex that had been coagulated or pre-coagulated at the plantation. It is hard to remove dirt from pre-coagulated rubber.  

This week we're highlighting a higher grade of rubber that starts from tree latex that is NOT coagulated until it is coagulated at the factory.  

This higher grade of rubber is lighter in color (low Lovibond measurement code), still not purified like Yulex Pure natural rubber, but cleaner and better elongation (stretch) as compared to the cup lump rubber. 3L rubber is used by many industries including footwear and sporting goods.  Watch our short YouTuber video to see how 3L gets made here.

The process of making the rubber bales is similar to cup lump rubber though once it is coagulated at the factory. Watch the video and note that the color after coagulation (or the coagulum) is the same color as the cream colored tree latex. Once the coagulum forms, it gets washed, grinded, dried, packed and label.

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