Materials Science

Yulex enhances the composition and chemical and mechanical properties of its materials to create or improve its biorubber products for a wide variety of markets and end uses.

In a world moving toward natural materials and organic solutions to complex technological problems, the Guayule shrub provides a promising answer. Yulex is committed to expanding the scientific knowledge of its unique guayule biopolymeric materials, including Biorubber Emulsion, Solid Biorubber, Bioresin and Biomass, as well as perfecting its applications for high-performance medical, consumer and industrial products capable of reducing the material impact on our fragile planet.

Materials Science

Yulex Biorubbers outperform both tropical rubber and synthetic polymers even in its raw natural state. Highly elastic, stronger than most synthetic polymers, devoid of antigenic protein and gentle on the Earth, it is the perfect answer for the problems plaguing tropical and synthetic rubber.

Through the study of the composition, microstructure and behavior of our unique guayule materials, Yulex’s team of scientists, engineers and product developers have solved several complex application challenges to enable participation in new markets. Rigorous research backs our foaming, compounding, curing and prototyping processes that produce a wide variety of open and closed cell foams and an array of unique formulations that can last long or degrade slowly to be assimilated with nature and forms that stand up to the most exacting standards and tests.

Yulex is also working to uncover the growing mysteries and promises that the guayule shrub holds in its stems. The plant material possesses an extensive range of resins that has applications in many industries – natural flavors and fragrances, adhesives, inks and paints, biopesticides and more. The high energy content of the biomass is a natural feedstock for cogeneration plants and shows tremendous promise for conversion to high density liquid biofuels that power the jets of tomorrow. The bagasse leftover from bioprocessing the shrub has also proven to be an excellent construction material and biofertilizer.

The Innovation and Technology Center has a wide array of capabilities, ranging from formulation development, physical, chemical, mechanical and microbial testing and research for developing new products and customized solutions for a wide range of markets.