Yulex has established a robust greentech portfolio of industrial processing technologies to extract biorubber from the guayule shrub by employing a “closed loop” approach. These production processes are designed to work towards making Yulex carbon neutral.

Proprietary Process

Yulex proprietary process employs customized equipment to extract biorubber and resins in a sustainable manner and it is based on an aqueous extraction method. Yulex’s simple, unique and eco-friendly extraction process is the most environmentally responsible method of extracting biorubber, resin and biomass from an industrial crop.

Bioprocessing Flow

Yulex’s process extracts biorubber in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner utilizing the company’s proprietary water based extraction methods.

The guayule shrubs are harvested fresh each day from local growers and delivered to the processing facility.The plant material is chopped into pieces where the rubber rich stems are separated from the leaves.  These stems are then milled in water to release the rubber particles into suspension.

The milled stem is then pressed to separate the plant fibers and form a rubber rich liquid, which is then centrifuged concentrating and purifying the liquid into the biorubber emulsion.  This emulsion can be further processed to produce solid biorubber materials.

While this process has been advanced mostly for latex isolation and purification, the company has also developed other novel extraction technologies for resins and solid biorubber.