Press Release January 05, 2012

Yulex Corporation Announces More Patent Protection Worldwide for Its Rubber Production

PHOENIX, Jan. 5, 2012 — Yulex Corporation announced today that patent offices in the United States, Europe, Mexico and South Africa have granted the Company patents covering its commercial methods for latex and resin extraction from the guayule plant, a desert shrub. Yulex has patent protection throughout Europe, particularly in those regions with climates suitable for growing guayule including Greece, Cyprus, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

In general, the patents are directed to methods for cultivating, harvesting, defoliating and decorticating, as well as chemical and mechanical extraction of a premium quality latex and resin (e.g. bioadhesives).  Yulex' guayule-based latex has different and improved properties as compared to other natural plant-based latex (e.g. tropical rubber).

"These patents protect our existing proprietary methods and strengthen our patent portfolio, creating value for our investors and re-affirming our position as the world leader in this industry," said Jeff Martin, Yulex CEO.  "Our guayule bio-materials are more than just an alternative to existing tropical or petroleum based rubber.  We've developed our materials specifically to improve physical properties over these other forms of latex.  We've developed methods which give our materials improved performance, elasticity, softness and strength," said Martin.

Yulex bio-based materials are made in the United States and are extracted using environmentally safe methods that do not include solvents or other harsh chemicals.

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Yulex Corporation has developed a portfolio of biobased elastomer products derived from the U.S. grown guayule plant.  Our technological innovation is designed to replace traditional tropical or petroleum based rubber for consumer, industrial and medical markets, with the residual agricultural materials utilized as a feedstock for bioenergy.  We collaborate with our customers to develop and market highly differentiated premium performance products in an ecologically responsible, sustainable manner. For more, visit


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