Yulex Emulsions


Yulex’s natural emulsions are ultra-pure, high-quality and high-performance products to replace petroleum-based synthetics, such as polyisoprene and polyurethane as well as tropical Hevea latex. These emulsions are the safer, natural alternative for Type I latex allergy sufferers. Yulex’s biorubber emulsions are registered with the Personal Care Product Council and its INCI name is Parthenium argentatum Bark Extract.

  • Medical tubing and catheters
  • Dental dams and septa
  • Surgical and exam gloves
  • Mattresses, pillows and bedding
  • Industrial and workman gloves
  • Foams for garments and intimate apparel
  • Cosmetic glues, tools and brushes and compound bases

Yulex® K211 Emulsion

Yulex K211 emulsion is an ammonia-free, surfactant stabilized aqueous dispersion suitable for all dipped, sprayed, cast, threaded, foamed or sheeted applications. Yulex K211 Emulsion can be custom blended with fragrances and flavors, and can be color matched.

In addition, Yulex K212 can be stored, in appropriate conditions, for over six months with no reduction in physical performance of manufactured products.

Benefits and Features

  • Extended storage and shelf life
  • A petrochemical-free material
  • No residual toxic monomers
  • Hevea-latex-free
  • No proteins that can trigger Type I latex allergy
  • Extremely low total protein (1% of well-leached Hevea latex products)
  • User defined prevulcanization initiation
  • Exceptional physical performance with unmatched form, fit, feel and function
  • Improved tactile characteristics
  • Custom compounding available
  • ASTM D1076-06 Category 4 qualified natural rubber
  • Environmentally sustainable and renewable