Natural Rubber

Yulex enhances the composition and chemical and mechanical properties of its materials to create or improve its novel biorubber materials for a wide variety of markets and end uses.

Yulex’s biorubbers offer comparable performance to both synthetic elastomers and natural rubber, while exhibiting superior elastic properties, storage stability and feel. Our biorubber materials are the result of natural biosynthesis processes that result in a high molecular weight primary material (cis -1,4 -polyisoprene). Unlike most commercial rubber obtained from the industrial processing (chemical synthesis) of natural monomers, Yulex’s biorubbers do not contain any component generated by an industrial chemical synthesis or process.

Yulex’s materials are obtained from the guayule shrub via an aqueous extraction process that generates an emulsion made of solid biorubber suspended in a water phase. These solid biorubbers can be subsequently separated from the water phase through several technologies that Yulex has developed and perfected over the years.

Yulex’s biorubbers offer unlimited solutions whether dipped, sheeted, foam or solid formulation.