Services & Technical Support

Having spent many years accumulating vast experience in guayule biorubber and resins, Yulex is committed to offering its customers a wealth of technical expertise that helps customers achieve the best performance from products made of Yulex’s biorubbers.  Through unique partnerships, Yulex has already given many customers a distinct market advantage. Yulex has invested in additional technical resources and equipment to fulfill the needs of innovative companies. In pursuing the goal of offering customers the widest array of choices in transformation technologies and materials, Yulex has expanded its technical capabilities with the opening of a new Innovation and Technology Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

A team of senior scientists, chemists and technical managers at the Center work directly with our customers to fully develop end-to-end solutions for all of their emulsion and solid biopolymer needs. Unlike most manufacturers of synthetic latex emulsions and polymers, Yulex goes beyond just supplying advanced materials and offers a full portfolio of customer services, including product design, prototyping, testing, evaluation and small volume runs.

Our Innovation and Technology Center focuses on three areas: research and development, technical services, and quality assurance.

Research & Development

Yulex’s technical team is constantly experimenting with Yulex Biorubbers and resins derived from the guayule shrub. Our breakthroughs in transforming latex and solid rubber into various forms, including open and closed cell foams, by manipulating the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the materials, provide numerous new product applications. We have extensive experience in solid rubber processing (rotomolding), foaming (FOC and FCC), curing and chemical modification, dyeing and stabilization.

Technical Services

A wide variety of customers mean a wide variety of formulated materials to suit different applications. The Center helps customers achieve the high performance formulations that they require. The Center undertakes the creation and testing of new formulations as well as assists the customer with on-site processes.

Quality Assurance

Yulex prides itself in the high-performance, pure, low-protein materials it produces. Our scientists are constantly evaluating levels of proteins and chemical impurities in our products and compounds. We test every lot of emulsion and solid biorubber that is produced to verify adherence to our strict quality standards, as well as every batch of material that is sold to our customers.


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