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Awarded "Best New Feedstock" and "Tranformative Technologies"
Yulex wins multiple awards for 2013-2014 from The Digest

Yulex and Patagonia Partner to Produce Sustainable, Guayule-Based Wetsuits
The partnership represents a move toward the replacement of the industry standard fossil-based neoprene wetsuit.

Guayule — a new botanical source of rubber and energy
Sustainably produced, agricultural-based biomaterials for eco- and health- friendly rubber and energy solutions.

Crop Science


Materials Science

Yulex’s natural, guayule-based, high-performing materials
Environmentally sustainable domestic materials with medical, consumer, industrial and bioenergy applications.

Biorubber Emulsions

Biorubber Solids

Guayule: Historical View
A crop first cultivated in the early 1900s, guayule products have matured through advanced R&D at Yulex.

Learn more about the past, present, and future of this vital crop.

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Yulex applies crop science, bioprocessing and materials science for plant-based biomaterials from the sustainable, industrial crop guayule. Our biomaterials can replace traditional tropical or petroleum-based rubber for medical, consumer, and industrial markets. We envision a future of fully integrated sustainable biorefineries that utilize 100% of the guayule plant for natural rubber, resin, and bioenergy applications on a global basis.


AZbio Fast Lane Award 2013   Green Innovator of the Year 2009, 2011   Bioeconomy Acheivement Awards 2013-14 SIMA Environmental Product of the Year 2014 Transformative Technologies 2014


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